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Monday Sickness Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?


Monday syndrome refers to fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness, loss of appetite, body ache, inattention and other symptoms when waking on Monday. One reason behind the Monday-morning syndrome may be going back to a job you don’t like after a beautiful weekend. And going back to a job you don’t like every week may cause stress, depression and irritability, while destroying creativity and productivity. Monday morning syndrome is a severe medical condition in which one has bad events occurring one after another. It is suspected that the root cause of Monday morning syndrome is the first day of the week i.e Monday. There are speculations on how to cure one's Monday morning sickness, however nothing is medically proven to be 100% effective.

Causes of Monday morning syndrome/Monday sickness:

The cause of morning sickness are multifactorial and range from daily hectic routine to personal disinterest. Some of the important causes include followings:

1. It may be caused by low blood sugar

2. Work related stress

3. Being overtired

4. eating certain foods

5. Alcohol consumption

6. Having sensitivity to motion (motion sickness)

7. Disinterested in job and boring work

Sign and symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of Monday sickness vary from widely. Most common symptom that is seen in people suffering from Monday morning syndrome is, tiredness, stress and anxiety. Some people also experience physical illness. Some of the signs and symptoms include followings:

1. Head aches

2. Sleeping through alarms

3. Drowsiness

4. Being late for-work

5. Bad traffic experience

6. Clumsiness

7. Being short-tempered

How to prevent:

There is no exact pharmacological prescription that can cure Monday sickness. However certain practices can improve the quality of life and increase work productivity. Some of the important management aspects involve followings:

1. Arrange your work or project properly and create a job schedule. Implement the schedule strictly and don't leave Friday’s work to next Monday.

2. Exercise is a good way, you will concentrate on your body and feeling, that can help to put all your trouble aside temporarily when working on Monday.

3. Communicate with your friends and colleagues constantly to enhance work efficiency and improve work attitude.

4. Go for a walk and spend Sunday in a refreshing and quiet environment.

5. Take a good hot bath on Sunday evening, listen to some soft music while sleeping.

6. List some good examples which will make yourself look forward to Monday.

7. Always guaranteed going to bed before 11pm on Sunday

8. Go back to your company a bit earlier and arrange a week of work ahead of time.

9. Choose foods with less calories to help to reduce the burden of body metabolism.

10. Don’t try to resist Monday syndrome by drinking a lot of coffee and taurine drinks because it can only make the symptoms even worse

11. A perfect makeup and fresh clothing can help you to cheer up in five minutes. Using a powerful mouthwash has the same effect too.

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