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Who am I?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021


I will conquer what has not been conquered, I will believe in myself when others doubt, I have trained my mind and my body will follow. I will always shoulder more of my share of the task as if the entire outcome depends on my actions, I will give 100% every time. I will not lose focus or energy. I am a common man with uncommon desire to succeed.

Who am I? I am a champion!

I will acknowledge the fact that others do not expect me not to win, but I will never surrender, weakness will not be within me. They may not fear me, but they will respect me. I will draw strength from those who have helped me along my path. I will be stronger, more prepared, and will fight harder than anyone.

Who am I? I am a champion!

Defeat, retreat, failure; those are not a champion's words, I am a lion in a field full of lions, hunting everyday for survival and victory is the only option. My heart and mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak. When knocked down, I will get back up every time; I am never out of the fight.

Who am I? I am a champion!

I will be disciplined in all I do, I will persevere. Adversity has forged me and I thrive on it. I will give my all, I will draw on every ounce of strength I can, as long as I breathe and my heart beats I will never quit. I will persevere, I will move upward and forward despite ANY obstacle, until I reach each goal.

Who am I? I am John Alexander Webb, and I am a champion!

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