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Worried about Corona Virus?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021


emergence of the current epidemic outbreak of the novel Corona Virus in China (COVID-19), everyone is in a panic. The level of public concern appears to be higher than it was for Ebola, SARS, and MERS combined. Yet, it appears people have forgotten about the ongoing threats by HIV, influenza (the flu), car accidents, heart disease, and preventable cancers.

When asked about my experience, analysis, and thoughts on COVID-19, I have continued to tell everyone that even though the threat is real for people with compromised immune systems, COVID-19 doesn't seem to have nearly the lethal force as the other diseases we are exposed to daily.

During this initial phase of "outbreak" we should be a little more vigilant in washing our hands and staying away from people who appear sick. However, the virus shouldn't stop us all from enjoying life and doing the same things we were doing just weeks ago. If you are sick, please keep clear of people are at risk of further sickness (which this has been true before COVID-19).

Let's all hope this will be another exercise in learning how to best handle possible epidemics on a national level and improves public health awareness. Preventive measures are our first-line and let's keep these methods in mind going forward.

Dr. John Alexander Webb is a dynamic health care advocate and focuses on preventive medicine/public health and men's health. He is a medical doctor (MD), chiropractic physician (DC), and possesses a master of business administration degree (MBA) with a concentration on healthcare administration. Dr. Webb is currently the chief operations officer of Men's Health Boston (under Abraham Morgentaler, MD) and a graduate candidate (MLA) at Harvard University. In 2020, Dr. Webb will being a two-year training program within the prestigious Preventive Medicine residency and School of Public Health at Rutgers University/New Jersey Medical School


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