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Get fit, stay fit.

Physical fitness

Fitness is the broad term that is capable of performing daily physical activities without being tired. The body can perform work with full potency and cope with emergencies effectively. However, the body's overall fitness is not only physical fitness but also emotional and mental fitness. Therefore, the component of the fitness triangle is vital for the overall fitness of the body.

Physical fitness can be achieved through

1. Nutrition and balanced diet

2. Proper physical exercise

3. Sound sleep and rest

Nutrition plays a vital role in physical fitness. Avoiding sugar and canned food with ingestion of diet rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids make the body fit to endeavor the complexities of the activities. A high protein diet helps to build muscles and increase strength with greater efficacy. Hydration is essential to avoid dehydration.

Physical exercise of at least 2 hours is recommended to be physically fit. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and others can increase body metabolism and quality of life. Exercise with both moderate and intense intensity with alternate patterns is helpful to reduce body fat and increase the strength of the body, thus making the body physically fit for activities. Athletes are specifically trained to become fit in the particular sports of their interest.

Proper rest is essential to improve cognitive functions. Without sound sleep, the body does not recover and compromises the capacity of the body to perform functions with perfection. Sleep of 8 hours is necessary to balance the body activity with the recovery period.

To be physically fit is essential as it has many benefits like

· It prevents chronic disease and makes the body capable of coping with chronic disease

· Maintain normal blood pressure

· Helpful in cancer prevention

· Reduce inflammation in the body

· Boost immune system

· Prevent heart and heart-related disorders

· Good weight control

· Improving cognitive and learning abilities.

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