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How to prevent injuries; a leading cause of disability and death.

Injury prevention


he antedate precautions or measures to avoid or lessen the seriousness of the injury caused by any accident or phenomenon is called injury prevention. By focusing on injury prevention and making strategies towards improving the quality of life by preventing the severe outcomes of accidents, we can improve the overall health of the general population.

The approaches towards injury prevention are based on the “3 E’s” which are

1. Education

2. Engineering modification

3. Enforcement

Traffic and automobile safety are the most crucial part of injury prevention as traffic is the main leading cause of injuries and death globally. According to the strategies of 3E’s, the approach towards injury prevention due to traffic and automobile are by educating the people to wear seat belts, avoid rash driving and follow traffic rules. The engineering modifications such as airbags, locked seats for the younger ones, and enforcement of these are necessary for the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

Pedestrian safety is essential for injury prevention strategies as pedestrian injuries are rapidly growing due to more traffic and rash driving. The methodology includes the education of the walkers to follow the traffic rules, remain attentive to the traffic, and use crosswalks. The vehicles are also engineered to reduce the severity of the injury.

Home safety is also crucial as many accidents like burns, electric shocks, poisoning occur on the home premises. Using safety equipment s and practicing home safety teaching can lessen the home-based injuries

Sports injuries are a common injury in this developing world. Most of the injuries occur in the lower leg and foot. The trauma to the head can also cause death; therefore, injury prevention is crucial in sports management. Injury prevention in sports occur at three levels

1) Primary prevention is to prevent injury by using safety measures

2) Secondary prevention is the treatment of the injuries before complications occur

3) Tertiary prevention is the lessen the severity of the existing disability

Keep safe at home and at work. Occupational injuries are well-known, but many injuries are experienced outside of work.

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