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Start with mental wellness

Mental wellness is defined as the positive state of mind to think, feel, and act in such a way that create a positive impact on your well being. Merely absence of disease doesn’t mean you are well as mental health is a separate entity and being mentally makes the definition of health complete. Mental health is an important factor to achieve productivity and good lifestyle in an everyday life.

Importance of mental wellness

Mental wellness is as necessary as physical health. A person who is physically fit and active but mentally stressed and not feeling well can never achieve the everyday goals and always lags. It is important to know that mental health along with physical health keeps a balance in life and those who have this balance can prevent most of the unwanted problems and circumstances. Some of the important aspects of mental wellness are as follows;

1. Engaging in productive work and achieving maximum out of daily tasks

2. Realization of the one’s own capacities and abilities

3. Developing a positive attitude towards work life

4. Developing a positive attitude towards social life

5. Excellent management of stress and work-related challenges

6. Active community participation and a positive impact on surroundings

7. Living a productive, balanced and well managed life

8. Make excellent choices and develop power of decision

9. Better handle psychosocial and emotional situations

10. Express creativity, learn new skills and abilities and enjoy happy life

How to achieve /improve mental wellness

Mental wellness can be achieved and improve by certain actions and habits if performed correctly and in a sequence. According to a recent study on mental and behavioral disorders and their management, it was found that majority of the people do not visit any mental health expert or psychiatrist due to cultural and social stigma acting as barriers to mental health. However, depending upon the current status of mental health, it can be achieved and improved by certain regular practices as follows;

1. Value yourself and avoid negative opinion about yourself

2. Workout is an excellent way to keep body and mind in shape and achieve mental wellness

3. Surround yourself with people who are good for your mental health and avoid negativity

4. Take a walk, see your friends, and keep relationships aligned

5. Avoid overthinking and quiet your mind. Meditation is a good way to achieve this

6. Break bigger tasks into smaller goals and celebrate when you achieve a minor goal

7. Avoid alcohol and other drugs

8. Take part in healthy debates and never go for arguments.

9. Take a break sometimes and appreciate yourself

10. Eat healthy food as it will keep your body and mind in perfect state of wellness

Mental wellness is the positive state of mind which enables us to feel, think and act in positive ways and have a positive impact on our surroundings. Mental wellness enables us to achieve goals of life, productivity, handle stress and learn new things. Mental wellness can be achieved and improved by valuing yourself, meditation, avoiding negative people and eating healthy food along with daily workout.

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