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What exercises are best for weight loss?

The best exercises for weight loss.

Exercise is very crucial in losing bodyweight or maintaining low body weight. By increasing metabolism in the body, the exercise burns extra calories and increases the excretion of toxins produced by the body. With proper knowledge of training, you can lose weight with promising health benefits.

The exercises which are best for weight loss are:

Walking is the best simple aerobic exercise to burn calories and, in turn losing weight. Daily one-hour walking is recommended for the sake of weight loss and combating obesity.

Jogging or running is also a simple exercise that can be done at any place and with no special equipment. It is the best beginner exercise to lose weight. Jogging and running 30 minutes 3-4 times a week is enough to gain benefits. The decrease in belly fat is also helpful to cope with many chronic diseases.

Cycling is the traditional exercise to improve fitness. The people who cycle regularly have greatly reduced the risk of heart diseases.

Weight training is the exercise in which you also gain muscle strength in addition to losing fat. Exercise on major muscles at least three times a week to gain maximum benefits.

Interval training is a productive weight-loss method to burn the extra calories in less time. Interval training is a short period of vigorous exercises such as running, biking, jumping, etc. For example: run as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then slow speed for 1 minute and repeat the cycle for up to 10-30 minutes. This pattern helps burn more calories in less time.

Swimming for 1 hour and three times a week is a great exercise to lose weight, and it also increases the flexibility of the body.

Yoga is the aerobic exercise to burn calories and also peace the mind. It also increases your understanding of your body hunger by improving mindfulness.

All of these will also help prevent occupational injuries and reduce advanced bone and & joint problems.

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